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Spotpass helps everyone buy and sell access to digital content.

Easy access. Fairly priced.

Spotpass is a micro payment system that makes it easy for everyone to buy and sell content online for a fair price. We provide instant access to paid content and help publishers and creators earn more.

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Support local journalism with a 99c donation to the Surf Coast Times. We'll give you $5 to get started.

Register for free by clicking the Spotpass button on any Surf Coast Times article. We'll give you $5 instantly to start donating and accessing paid content with Spotpass.

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* $5 is designed to help you get started buying content on the spot from publishers currently using Spotpass. The $5 credit is not refundable or redeemable for cash in any currency at any time. You will top up your Spotpass account once you have used the credit in your account. Click here for terms and conditions of use.

Publishers can now make money selling evergreen content to casual visitors who will never subscribe.

The bulk of your traffic is likely to be casual visitors who will never subscribe. Start making money from them.

Deploy Spotpass to sell on-the-spot access to all types of evergreen content such as digital editions (see guidebook below), images, puzzles, games and more.

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How to make money from digital editions.

Discover how news and magazine publishers are replacing the shortfall in their print-based circulation and advertising revenue with new revenue generated by selling digital editions or other evergreen content.

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Are you a publisher with a large audience?

Spotpass has made it simple to make more money from your content to complement your existing advertising or subscription revenues. It works with your existing website and CMS to get you earning new revenue fast.

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Spotpass makes buying digital content from your favourite publisher seamless.
Right there. On the spot.
Easy access. Fairly priced.

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Are you a content creator?

Spotpass is helping content creators like you make more money with a new stream of revenue that's as independent as you are, and generated directly from your site.

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