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Generate revenue from your entire audience.

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to all those casual readers.

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86% of Australians do not pay for news today. What would it mean if you could monetise that casual audience? With Spotpass, it’s possible. Talk to us to see how other publishers are doing it right now.

* Spotpass will even guarantee up to $10,000 per month in new revenue based on your content and audience size.

It's new revenue, generated on the spot.

As a news or magazine publisher, it's getting tougher to make money from print circulation, subscriptions and advertising.

So here's an idea to build new revenue over and above what you're generating now.

Start selling on-the-spot access to casual visitors looking to see all types of specific high-value content such as articles, videos, digital editions (see below), games, images and more.

Perfect when ad revenue is tough and getting tougher.

It's a great way to tap new revenue beyond advertising and subscriptions.

After all, increasing your advertising revenue is a competitive activity while the cost to manage advertisers continues to grow. In fact, the 2020 Reuters Institute for Journalism study found that 62% of publishers see advertising becoming less valuable over time. And subscription growth is slowing. It all points to the need for new incremental revenues streams.

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How to make money from digital editions.

Discover how news and magazine publishers are replacing the shortfall in their print-based circulation and advertising revenue with new revenue generated by selling digital editions or other evergreen content.

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Deployed into your new or existing tech.

Deploying Spotpass is fast and efficient whether you are integrating with new or existing technology.

Spotpass works directly with you and your team to quickly and easily activate on the spot payments through your existing CMS. Whether that's Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, a custom CMS or another CMS platform - Spotpass integration is seamless.

So how much new revenue could you be making with Spotpass?

Use our Revenue Calculator to estimate the value of new revenue you could be generating per month with Spotpass.

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We stand behind our promise.

Our team is helping large publishers integrate Spotpass as part of their 2022 growth strategy, and guaranteeing revenue up to $10K per month.

You have nothing to lose.

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