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It's new money for content you already own. Online forever.

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Revenue from print circulation and advertising is in decline.* It's prompted agile news and magazine publishers across Australia and NZ to start selling access to digital editions of their printed content.
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* Revenue from print circulation and advertising is declining at 5.1% and 10% respectively through to 2025 according to the latest PwC Australian Entertainment and Media Report.

Smart new money, for smart news publishers.

Smart news and magazine publishers are digitising the print editions they already own and selling them online - one view at a time. It's a highly profitable way to generate new income for publishers looking to offset the persistent decline in print circulation & advertising.

Monetise your puzzles and online games within days

It's permanent revenue from casual readers.

The smart money is using a micropayments solution to charge a small pay-per-view fee for casual readers to access these digital editions. These are the people who are never going to subscribe. It's new money for content you already own - from an audience you already have.

Start now. It's easy.

All you need to do is pull your best print content from the archives and digitise it. Next, embed these new digital editions on your site and activate a micropayment solution such as Spotpass. Then... watch the rivers of gold flow.

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How to make money from digital editions.

Discover how news and magazine publishers are replacing the shortfall in their print-based circulation and advertising revenue with new revenue generated by selling digital editions or other evergreen content.

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Monetisation within days.

Our Spotpass team can help you test the concept and monetise your digital editions within days. It's all quite simple whether integrating Spotpass payments into new or existing technology such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, a custom CMS or another CMS platform. Let's do it.

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