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The puzzle games market will be worth nearly A$55B worldwide this year with an annual growth rate of 9.21% through to 2026. Time to get your share - and we have it solved.

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Incremental revenue.

Whether you are an international, national or local rural publications, crosswords, sudoku and word search games are a proven way to keep your readers engaged & to earn incremental revenue.

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Sign up to Spotpass as a publisher and you can be collecting revenue straight away. You choose the price, then with just a few lines of code, you place the Spotpass Offer button on your website and job done. You are now ready to provide paid access to your puzzle content - or any other premium content you choose.

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Most readers want to pay as they go, that's why Spotpass is appealing to them. in just 2 clicks anywhere they see the Spotpass offer button and they have access to the connect they want, without having to commit for more than they want

Give it a try yourself at the puzzle site of The Times News Group.

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Monetisation within days.

You can expect our Spotpass team to have you up and running within a couple of weeks whether integrating Spotpass into new or existing technology such as Pagemasters, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, custom CMS or other CMS platform.

If you don't have puzzles content, don't worry, we can help you source the content through one of our trusted partnerships.

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