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You don't always want to subscribe to every website or publisher that interests you.

That's why Spotpass lets you pay a super low casual rate to access the quality online content you want, but that often resides behind a subscription paywall you'll never take up.

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Spotpass is growing its network of publishers and content producers around the world to provide pass holders with access to all types of quality online content previously hidden behind paywalls, including:

- news articles
- previous editions
- puzzles and quizzes
- music
- archived photography
- and more.

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The Spotpass $5 credit is in the form of a value loaded into your Spotpass account. It can only be used to purchase casual access to online content using the Spotpass button. It cannot be redeemed for cash in any currency at any time nor any other form of service or tangible asset. You will need to top up your Spotpass account once you have used the free $5 credit. Click here for terms and conditions of use.