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Get instant access to paid content in just two clicks.

Easy access. Fairly priced.

Spotpass is a micro payment system that makes it easy for everyone to buy and sell content online for a fair price between 1 and 99 cents. Easy access. Fairly priced.

Just two clicks... see how easy it is below


Readers click the Spotpass button to access news


In just two clicks ...


... you are reading the article. No credit card required.

It's perfect timing and takes just two clicks.

Spotpass is changing the way the world’s online content is bought and sold on the spot - so users get instant access to paid content, and publishers get paid more for it.

Accessing paid content is now quick and easy.

Have you found an article, video, podcast, game, or other content you wanted to access but it was behind a membership or subscription page?

You might subscribe if it's one of your favourite sites. However, 85% of people just click away and never subscribe. That's a lot of people missing out on content, and a lot of publishers missing out on revenue.

No one wins.

Spotpass makes buying and selling content easy.

Spotpass is a micro payment solution designed to make buying and selling content on the spot completely seamless.

Site owners and publishers can charge a small fee to access their content, while users can now access paid content without committing long-term, and in just two clicks.

Now everyone wins.

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